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  1. Yozshugis 1 year ago

    I want a man to make me squirt like that!

  2. Zulkirn 1 year ago

    I loved all of her characters beginning with her lo***a days all the way up to assfuck whore. She was the BEST.

  3. Ararr 1 year ago

    Histórias! Need a couple.

  4. Kilkree
    Kilkree 1 year ago

    She is so hot. Have served her on the smartphone. Bee, you're a Picasso w these things!

  5. Daiktilar 1 year ago

    Hi! I'm a spanish Dick Hero paramour and I loved the three editions of Stroker Ace. They have the best selection of natural tits. ВЎGood! I liked the idea of a very first soft stage, 2nd make-out stage and xxx three stage. The only I don't like is the soft music, I like more powerful music (pop or rock music too). The rest is incredible. Good job! I liked the news things in each edition (edge 'n rail in 2nd edition and prize selection in 3rd). A lot of thanks to supermokkori!

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